Indo - Australian, loves art, books, (fashion) photography, movies, music & cracking random conversations with strangers and hearing their stories. Commenced working on this little tumblr project to express my views of men's style in these rather unstylish surrounds.

The Young Professionals, Israel’s most stylish elector pop group is back with their new single “Be With You Tonight.”. Music is catchy, as always, and the video has some of the most stylish people I have seen in recent times.

The Young Professionals (@typband), the most stylish & fun electronic band from Israel. Both, their music and music videos are a hoot. :-)

(Source: typband.com)

A rather catchy cover of Lana Del Rey’s song “Video Games” by The Young Professionals (by typband)

Cute video by the The Young Professionals (@typband) #ILOVEMYCITY

(Source: typband.com)